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IMPORT CSV to SAS dataset

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IMPORT CSV to SAS dataset

Hello All

I have a csv file and in one of columns I have the sas datetime values! As shown below the first row is blank. Im using the import procedure and sas is taking only first 10 charancter and covnerting to yymmdd10. format in the sas dataset

How can force sas to take entire value? I am using sas 9.4 version


Can someone help me with this?

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Re: IMPORT CSV to SAS dataset

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PROC IMPORT has some limitations when it comes interpret date/datetime values.

And your datetime is in ISO format, which probably is not handled correctly w/ proc import.

SO either try to get a different format from the source, or import it using a data step.

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Re: IMPORT CSV to SAS dataset

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Keep in mind that PROC IMPORT is only a helper and has to make educated guesses. On itself, it does not import the file; instead, it creates a data step and runs that. This data step is also written to the log.

Take the data step from there, and use it in a separate code window to create a customised step that imports your data correctly.

The correct informat for your datetime values would be B8601DT16.

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