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How to make slide margins smaller in ODS Powerpoint

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How to make slide margins smaller in ODS Powerpoint

I am running SAS 9.4 TS Level 1M3.  I am using ODS Powerpoint to create a presentation, and I have been unable to adjust the slide margins.  Ideally, I would like to have the margins as close to zero as possible so that I can print very close to the edge of the slide.  Specifically, I am trying to use a title statement to add text in the upper right corner that appears above the main slide title.  Essentially, I'm trying to use title1 as a header above the actual title.  So far, the best I have been able to get is margins of 0.25in on top, bottom, left, and right.  With margins this large, the main title is pushed further down the slide than I would like.  I have tried many different settings and options, but I haven't been able to get anything to print within the first 0.25in of the slide.  


Here is my code.  Any help is greatly appreciated.



/* Clear datasets, log file, output file, and special characters */
proc datasets kill nolist;quit;
dm 'log' clear; /*clear log file*/
options compress=yes FORMCHAR="|----|+|---+=|-/\<>*"; title; footnote;

ods path(prepend) work.template(update);

/* Creating a template for the PPT. */
proc template;
define style styles.appendix;
style body / topmargin=0in;
class systemfooter/ just=left;
style systemfooter/ color=black font_size=8pt;
class data, table / font_size=10pt;
style table / cellpadding=0pt cellspacing=0pt height=5pt; 

ods html close;
ods listing close;
goptions reset=all;
ods escapechar='^';
options nodate nonumber center
papersize=(10in 7.5in)

ods graphics /border=off imagefmt=png;

ods powerpoint file="E:\for Amelia\Practice PPT.pptx" style=styles.appendix;

/*Is it possible to move the first title any closer to the upper right corder of the slide?
The closest that I can get it is 0.25in x 0.25in */
title1 j=right height=12pt color=CX0070C0 bspace=0 "Text in upper right corner";
title2 j=left height=32pt bold bspace=0 "Location of main title";

proc odstext;
p "This is the body of the slide" /style=[vjust=center just=center color=CX005DB7 fontsize=56pt fontweight=bold];


ods powerpoint close;


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Re: How to make slide margins smaller in ODS Powerpoint

Hi Astein2,

   I have the same question. Do you have answer ?



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