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How to create SAS job to let it run on schedule time?

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How to create SAS job to let it run on schedule time?

Hi ,

can anyone please please please guide me, how some one can create SAS job using base sas or SAS EG4.2? i mean i am really not clear with job concept all i know is strored process but i heard that in most of the reporting work we need to write some sas program and then again need to create job of it and need to run on schedule time. i mean i just want to know suppose i am having one sas program which connect to database and apply some logic and create report in doc format, so is there anyway i can create job of it and let it run on scedule timing. Please guide me. Help on this really appreciated. I am new in SAS though i know a little thing.i am a .net programmmer. Again Thanks in Advanced.

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Re: How to create SAS job to let it run on schedule time?


  Generally, folks talk about stored processes and SAS particularly when SAS is installed in the context of the Platform for Business Analytics (also known as the BI Platform). Sometimes, a companion piece of the BI Platform is DI (Data Integration) Studio, in which you can create jobs (for example, you might have a job to read a transaction file, validate the transactions and then load the transactions into a data warehouse) and then schedule DI jobs (such as scheduling the update job) using the Platform Scheduler.


  Even without the BI Platform, however, with a BASE SAS installation, it has always been possible to automate the submission of a SAS program in background or "batch" mode.  If all you have is Base SAS and EG (without the BI Platform), then you should look in the SAS Companion documentation for your operating system (SAS Companion for Windows, SAS Companion for Unix, etc) for information on how to create the equivalent of a .bat file or a .cmd file in order to run a program.


  On the other hand, if you do have the BI Platform, then you might wish to look at the Platform Administrator's documentation and/or consult with someone at your company to see whether you also have DI Studio, as well. How you submit a program in batch mode will depend on your configuration and installation. For example if you -DID- have DI Studio, then you might schedule a job using DI Studio and the Platform Scheduler. If you have Web Report Studio (WRS), but not DI Studio, you can schedule a WRS report to be refreshed. I know this is different than the concept of having a "job", but it might be all that you need, depending on your installation, and given that you said you need to create a report in DOC (Word?) format. While a WRS report is not a Word document, a WRS report can be opened in many of the BI Platform client applications, because it is stored in a special format that many of the client applications know how to open and render. And, about that DOC format requirement. Only the SAS Add-in for Microsoft Office (part of the BI Platform or the Office Analytics platform) actually interfaces with your metadata in order to create output in proprietary "DOC" or "DOCX" format or to open SASReport format files.

  If all you have is BASE SAS and EG, then you can create RTF (Rich Text Format) files, using the Output Delivery System (ODS), that can be opened by any word processor, including Microsoft Word. From within EG, there is a menu choice under Tools-->Options-->Results to choose RTF as your result type. If you were using code, then a simple program like this would create an RTF file (shown below). If all you have is BASE SAS, then this simple program or any report program could be batch submitted or scheduled, using your operating system scheduler (such as CHRON)  and the instructions found in the SAS Companion for your operating system.


  In addition, you can also open a track with Tech Support for more direct help, they can help you figure out what type of installation you have and they can point you in the right direction given your configuration and your needs.  To open a track with Tech Support, fill out the form at this link:



ods _all_ close;

ods rtf file='c:\temp\open_with_Word.rtf';

  proc print data=sashelp.class;

    title 'Report on Students';


ods rtf close;

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Re: How to create SAS job to let it run on schedule time?

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Hi Cynthia,

Thanks a ton for your reply, what i had query is related with base SAS and SAS EG. Like you said i will go through the Companion documentation for operating system. I am using windows XP. Thanks again.

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