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How to convert RTF file as a SAS Dataset

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How to convert RTF file as a SAS Dataset

Hi Good Morning,

i am trying to convert RTF file to SAS Dataset but i dn't get solution and i go through with some articles also but no use please get me out from this problem.

Study:XXXX                                                                                                                                                Date: todaydate

Listing 10-3



                                             Subject/Age/Sex                             Treatment start



                                            0001-001/45/M                             19Jan2013

                                            0001-002/55/M                             29Jan2013

                                            0001-003/43/M                             12Jan2013

                                            0001-004/42/M                             15Jan2013

                                            0001-005/55/M                             29Jan2013

                                            0001-006/35/M                             16Jan2013


Note: All patients are shown.

Thanks in advance!!

Thanks in advance!!


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Re: How to convert RTF file as a SAS Dataset

- save as plain text file

- inspect with a good text editor

- determine how to identify the lines that contain data

- write a data step that reads the text file, discards unwanted lines, and converts the input either with a proper input statement or by manually splitting the _infile_ variable.

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Re: How to convert RTF file as a SAS Dataset

If this is one time job: copy/paste to flat file format. Edit so it will be in strict columnar format. Going via Excel might help doing the formatting.

If this is a repetitive task: contact the creator of the document and require a different file format.

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