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How to close Output Window

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How to close Output Window


I'm new is SAS.

My SAS is running SAS on a UNIX machine, I telnet to that sever from my winodws pc.

When I start SAS, on my pc appear some different winodws, Program Editor, Toolbox, Log, etc....

I would close automatically Result and Output windows.

I've tried to:

- close these windows (Result and Output);

- run 'wsave a' command;

- close SAS;

- reopen SAS;

but the windows still reappear.

Two question.

1) I found a command to close Results window:

dm 'odsresults; cancel';

but I didn't find a command to close Output window. To there is a command to close also Output window?

2) If a command to close Output window exist, how I can run automatically commands to close automaticcaly both windows every time I run SAS?

Many thanks

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Re: How to close Output Window


Ask another SAS person in your group where your config file is saved.  I think on unix there is usuall a config file for the installation, and you can have a personal config file (in your home dir maybe)?

I think (not sure) to turn off the the turn off the results window you can add this line to the config file:


There is probably a way to close the output window by using the config file too, but I don't know it.  You can try adding the line below to your program (or to an file, which will run every time sas starts):

dm "output; winclose;";

Not sure why you would want to close the output window and the results window.  If you just wanted to edit code and submit it (in emacs or vi or whatever), you are free to do that, without having to use SAS's interactive programming environement.

For more on config and autoexec files, search for either term.  Will return lots of papers written by SAS users.

Good luck.  Welcome to SAS.


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