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How Change Papersize in single pdf doc?

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How Change Papersize in single pdf doc?

Hi friends,

how can we change the papersize in a single pdf .

if i give
options papersize=("10in", "8.5in");

after the
ods pdf file="xyz.pdf";

statement does not work.
i have a report in which few table have too many columns and i want to fit them in one page. so i want to change paper size for few pages.

is there some other way to do it?
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Re: How Change Papersize in single pdf doc?

The options must appear before the opening of the ods PDF destination.

In order to fit the columns you have two manner of obtaining this

-acting upon the style inside the procedures with cellwidth colwidth and such complements
-producing separated pdf files and merging them
with Acrobat or free stuff like pdfhammer( .com ) / pdf split and merge PDFSAM...and others

I don't think there are actually others solutions.

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