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Help on SAS ODS

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Help on SAS ODS

Hi All,

It would be really great , if you could help me on the below scenario. I have dataset which has 13 column and it needs to be converted as pdf or rtf file format so i have used ODSbut the problem is I am not getting all the columns in the single layer. my output format is 5 columns in first layer, 4 columns in second layer and 4 columns in third layer,

In order to meet aesthetics i want all the columns should be in single layer itself. Please see the example below.

Emp_No   Emp_Name   Department   DOB   DOJ   Base_Branch   Salary   DOP   Experience   Base_Branch   Deputed_Branch   Birth_Place   Nationality

Many Thanks.

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Re: Help on SAS ODS

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Well, the page size is only so big.  You can do a few things to shrink sizes:

ods pdf file="c:\abc.pdf";

proc report data=have nowd split="~";

     columns a b c d;

     define a / "A~B" style(colum)={cellwidth=2cm font_size=8pt};


So in the above, I shrink the layout by doing these things:

the Label A B, I split this over two lines with the split char ~.  I also fix the column width, this will of course cause wrapping in the cell, but if you want to squish it on one page, then there has to be concessions).  And also I shrink the font size.

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Re: Help on SAS ODS

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options orientation=landscape pagesize=max ;

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Re: Help on SAS ODS


  Yes ORIENTATION= LANDSCAPE will work to increase the available horizontal area. And, you can use the margin options to decrease the normal margins. But ODS PDF does not use PAGESIZE option settings. If you look at the documentation on PAGESIZE, you will see that it is mostly a LISTING option

SAS(R) 9.4 System Options: Reference, Fourth Edition

  And since ODS PDF is making a page size based on a bunch of other settings, the "max" of 32767 "lines" doesn't make sense, since PDF uses settings like ORIENTATION, PAPERSIZE, MARGINS (for options) and font size, cellwidth and cellpadding for the report cells, using PAGESIZE=MAX isn't the best choice for ODS PDF.


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Re: Help on SAS ODS

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Sorry. It is papersize= , I mixed up with pagesize=.

options papersize=(10in 40in);

Papersize= can enable you to define as wide paper as you want .

Which means you can hold all these variables in a row .

Xia Keshan

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