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Help Needed to Create a USER INTERFACE

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Help Needed to Create a USER INTERFACE


I am starting this post to get some ideas on a project that I am working on.

Here is the scenario:
I have built a sas application that creates several reports. The users have the ability to choose what kind of reports they want. Similary, they have various options they can choose to include in those reports. Now the way people use this application is by inputting their options as parameters to my macro. The macro is calling other sas programs and based on the parameters, it will do the job as it was designed to do. Everything works perfect.

But instead of giving them the sas macro and the code, I want to create a user interface, where they can choose these option from and just submit the job. I need some ideas and help on how I can accomplish this. It does not have to be anything fancy. I just need a simple User Interface which lets users choose their options. It can be web-based or non web based.

I read some suggestions about using SAS/AF but I know nothing about it. And Just as an FYI, I run sas in Unix server that does not

have SAS/AF. But I have SAS/AF in the PC SAS. May be that will help.

Any comments, suggestions, ideas, code samples is greatly appreciated.

Thank you all,

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Re: Help Needed to Create a USER INTERFACE


  This isn't really an ODS question, but there's probably no other forum that would work either.

  This almost sounds like something you could set up using Enterprise Guide and the parameter manager in EG to collect user input and then pass the user input to the EG project to control what reports come out of the project.

   I would guess that regular old SAS/AF won't work, because as I remember, there used to be some licensing issue that every one who was going to use the AF app needed to have some piece of license on their desktop.

  What you describe sounds like the type of reporting system that used to be developed first with SAS/IntrNet and later with stored processes and the BI Platform. Of course, if you are in the mode of writing your own interface, there are ways using SAS Integration Technologies and various "other technologies" like .NET or Java or ... ... in order to develop your GUI outside of the SAS world, collect your user input and then invoke your SAS sessioin either in batch mode or in client/server mode. Partly, it depends on your expertise and what you want to learn and what software you have available. Perhaps Tech Support could help you focus your choices down to a few possibilities given your configuration and software available.


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