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Header part in proc Report

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Header part in proc Report

i want my header should look like this

---------------Pt_History--------- |
---------------------------------- |
DrugA | DrugB | DrugC |Pt Treatment |
________ |________|__________ |______ |____________________|__

first cell is having ---------Pt_History------- at the Upper half of the cell and lower half is subdivided into three part DrugA, DrugB, and DrugC
then u have other seperate cell for Pt and Treatment.
can anyone tell me solution for this.

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Re: Header part in proc Report

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If you download P-257 that Tim has just told us about, and look at the syntax for " COLSPAN" you should see how to code what you require.

Generally I find the Report Procedure may need to be run a few times to move from dropping data on the page to finally tidying it up.

The same approach works for the tabulate procedure, although I find Lauren Haworth's book on that procedure to be invaluable for getting that appearance "just so".
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