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Has Anybody used Data Step Object Methods in SAS 9.3?

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Has Anybody used Data Step Object Methods in SAS 9.3?

Hi. 20 year SAS programmer. First time poster. I am moving an entire body of work from Sun x64 SAS 9.1.3 SP4 to Linux RHEL5 x64 SAS 9.3. I have got some work invested in the ODS Data Step Object Methods to create PDF files some years back. I was aware it was experimental but nearly none of it now works correctly with 9.3 where it is preproduction. It is as if the aspect ratio has completely changed. Images such as gifs and jpegs are degraded too once displayed as well as the SAS Graphics when placed for PDF output.  I have tried using 150dpi images as opposed to my existing  300dpi images. It appears to compile and execute the same just doesn't behave when placed to the pages though. Has anybody experienced this problem?  It is almost like using this product for the first time again.



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Re: Has Anybody used Data Step Object Methods in SAS 9.3?


I have run Data Step Object Method in 9.1.3 and 9.3, but have not had experience with the specific graph problems you are talking about.

Yes, ODS is claims to be in production in version 9.3, so I used with a program that used ODS to create PDF files to see if it could resolve some of the problems I was having in 9.1.3.

9.3 did solve some of the 9.1.3 problems, but it still has many unsolved issues of its own.  I thought it might be a problem with my program, but after talking to the tech support at SAS, I was told that my program is fine.  Tech support told me that my program produced the correct results in 9.4 but not 9.3. 

So It seems that SAS is still correcting ODS issues in 9.3.

Aside from ODS, some programs that run fine in 9.1.3 have big issues when ran in 9.3.

I was told that 9.4 is scheduled to be released the second quarter of 2013.


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