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HTML word wrap

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HTML word wrap

I am doing what I think is a simple Proc Print of a long textual field into an HTML file. When I first started, the HTML source code would include a nowrap command so the text would continue going to the right.

Later, I copied my code into another code window, and the HTML output started started wrapping to the HTML viewer window automatically as if someone was removing the nowrap command for me.

Now that I have copied the same piece of code into enough other projects, I am seeing cases where the text will not wrap again. The stated ODS and Proc Print commands are the same. I have even run the codes where they appear in the same EG4 viewer window, and the outputs are still different.

Does anyone know what might cause this difference? I am leaning toward something different in the datafiles I am reporting on rather than my Proc Print commands, but I don't have any idea where to start looking if that is the case.
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Re: HTML word wrap

By nowrap, I assume that you mean whitespace=nowrap. I wonder where that is coming from. ODS supports the whitespace style attribute, but I do not believe that it is specified by default in the software. A procedure or custom style would have to specify it, in which case you should always get it.

-- David Kelley, SAS
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Re: HTML word wrap

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I don't know what the whitespace=nowrap is.

At the beginning of each record I show with Proc Print, these are the respective HTML source codes:


Desired that I can't reliably replicate:
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