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Gmap and Gslide

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Gmap and Gslide

I want to put my company's logo which is in a JPG into a Gmap. The only way I've been able to figure out to put a picture in SAS is through Proc Gslide but I can't seem to merge the two or figure out another way to import an image that will work. Please Help.
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Re: Gmap and Gslide

Hi, Jonathan:
If you go to and type:
insert logo SAS/Graph

into the search field box on the right hand side of the window (in the yellow/gold area), then this Tech Support FAQ
is the second hit in the list of returned information.

For more help with the techniques described in the FAQ, you should contact Tech Support.

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Re: Gmap and Gslide

Thanks...Worked like a charm!
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Re: Gmap and Gslide

I'm 3 years late, but thought I'd mention a few other techniques that weren't mentioned in the FAQ (in case someone is doing a 'search' for info related to this topic) ...

If you want the logo to occupy the entire background of the graph, the easiest way is to use goptions iback=

If you want the logo to occupy the area within the axes of a gplot, you iframe=

And if you want to programmatically control the exact placement and size of the image, you can annotate the image.
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