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GKPI in Excel

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GKPI in Excel

Hi there


I work in SAS EG 7.13 with SAS version 9.4, on  Linux.  


My problem is that I do not get results from PROC GKPI in Excel.


This is the code that I use to test:

ods excel file="/data/sasnormal/modelling/Analyses/2017/Excel staff/test gkpi.xlsx";

goptions reset=all device=javaimg ;

proc gkpi ;

dial actual=.46 bounds=(0 .23 .46 .65 .79 1) /

target=.9 nolowbound format="percent8.0"

afont=(f="Albany AMT" height=.5cm)

bfont=(f="Albany AMT" height=.4cm) ;



ods excel close;


I tried different devices (png, gif) but it does not work.

I can see the result in the Results - SAS Report, but my Excel shows an empty sheet.


PROC tabulate does show results, as well as SGPLOT, it is only GKPI that gives problems.






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Re: GKPI in Excel

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Not heard of this procedure, however looking at the examples in the SAS document, this procedure produces HTML output (i.e. it contains sliders and such like), this is not an embedable format for Excel - i.e. text/numbers/pictures.  

I would imagine, if you want the same sort of thing in Excel, you would need to build it in Excel using Excel functionality, and then dump your data out to that and let Excel do it.

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Re: GKPI in Excel

Thanks RW9.

GKPI does produce a png file (at least with ods html used). This works:
ods html
path="/wgd/Modelling/Analyses/2017/Excel staff/" (URL=none)
file="test gkpi temp.html"

options(graph_width="300" graph_height="300"
panelcols="4" panel_space="0")
proc gkpi mode=raised;
dial actual=.70 bounds=(0 .25 .46 .65 .80 1) / target=.9 nolowbound
format="percent." label="North Sales";

ods html close;

But, I want it in Excel as I am creating an Excel report.

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