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FotInfo Issue + PDF Report

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FotInfo Issue + PDF Report

Hi all,

I use the SAS EG-->File-->New-->Report-->Give a program file as input and generate a PDF report.

For unknown reasons this time, the process is giving an error which says:

Unable to generate PDF:

The process cannot access the file 'FontInfo' because it is being used by another proess.

What could be the reason for this error?

Thank you,


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Re: FotInfo Issue + PDF Report

Most likely cause is that another program or section of your SAS close has the file 'open'.

If you had an ODS <any destination> file = 'name';

but have not closed it yet, then previous code would hold it.

If you have the file open in Base SAS, another SAS session or process flow, or another editor or viewer it may be in use and unavailable.

Or if you work in a shared environment another user could have it open.

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