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FATCA Reporting

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FATCA Reporting

Hi All:

Just a general question - anyone have any insights on creating FATCA XML reports for the IRS and CRA?

Thanks in advance.

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Re: FATCA Reporting


  Do you mean that you have a SAS dataset that you need to "export" to FATCA XML format? Have you looked at the SAS XML Libname engine. Is there a standard format that will work for you? If not, do you have the XML Schema or an XML file that conforms to the standard you need to use? That is where to start.


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Re: FATCA Reporting


As part of a government requirement, we are required to send the IRS a XML file for FATCA reporting.  Here is a link to the format (schema?) requirement:

I'm just curious if anyone has any experience / advice with this.


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Re: FATCA Reporting

Hi Cynthia


I need have a .xsd(s) for FATCA, (4 xsd) with one like main XSD. ( 


I have to create one XML based in thats XSD's. I understad that this apply for all countrys, have SAS any funcionality for do this easily?







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Re: FATCA Reporting

SAS is having facta compliance statement Comply with FATCA now – but think to the future! | SAS it is seen as important. There is a name in there.

Ok wondering how that would be with your question. For an important issue there should be some support I suppose.

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Re: FATCA Reporting

Hi OS2Rules

Have you ever resolved your doubts with FATCA? Do you know where I can find detailed information about FATCA reports?

Thanks in advance

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Re: FATCA Reporting


I never did get a reply on this, and I am no longer working on the project.  However, the best source of info on FATCA

reporting is the CRA (at least up here in the Great White North).

Let me know if you need more info because I have reviewed the CRA site and I remember at least a little on this.


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