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Export Proc Contents

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Export Proc Contents

Is there a way to export proc contents to an excel file? It would be nice to have the variable name, the label, and the format name to easily create a data dictionary. I have tried a couple different ways but they never come out right. Thanks in advance.

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Re: Export Proc Contents

You just need an out=<dsname> in your code and then export it to excel in the usual manner.

proc contents data=sashelp.class out= want;


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Re: Export Proc Contents

Can you please provide a code example?

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Re: Export Proc Contents

Or sent the output to excel at the same time:

ods tagsets.excelxp file="my soon to be Excel.xml";

proc contents data=have; run;

ods tagsets.excelxp close;

The XML file generated can be opened in Excel and if desired saved to native Excel format.

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Re: Export Proc Contents

You can also use the SASHELP.VCOLUMN and get the information from there, use KEEP to keep the variables you need.

data data_dictionary;

set sashelp.vcolumn;

where upper(libname)='SASHELP' and upper(memname)='CLASS';


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