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Excelxp tagset some limits -superscripts and ^n - / a version question?

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Excelxp tagset some limits -superscripts and ^n - / a version question?

In an annual production process of both pdf and excel files, i encounter some problems when in my code i use some ods sas facilities like
1 ='Mineur^{super(6)}'
5='Carte^n "Vie privée ^n& familiale"'
12='Régulari ^n sation' or in another format
327,331,323,322,397,324,399,328,330,326,333,335,344,341,337,336,345=' Pays anciennement^n sous administration^n française^{super(4)}'
for a sentence/word cut in various header cells in a few proc tabulates.

In ods pdf is the result perfect.
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With the tagsets 1.86, this kind of code produces xml files "Not well formed"
with errors like
^n is becoming ;
^{super(4) is becoming a tag B xmlns="" followed by a inserted tag (where i have suppress the S to make it readable as we are in html) (4) but the constructed lines are false formed

Pays anciennement
sous administration française (4)

in place of a well formed line like this one of another section

Autres pays africains here without subscript

The same is encounter with tagsets 1.70 but just before i received from E.G. a tagset
(SAS 9.1.3, v1.38, 07/11/06) which was accepting those difficulties and ignoring them
with a call with those options
options(embedded_titles='yes' embedded_footnotes='yes' orientation='landscape').
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As i am sorry about the non acceptance of my peculiar code with the tagsets since 1.70, my GENERAL question is
1) was this pass beyound with a recent option i am not aware of
2) in which text of E.G. or from his team are those limits mentionned
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In practice, i am using the old tagset and the fact that superscript are disapearing
is acceptable
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Re: Excelxp tagset some limits -superscripts and ^n - / a version questio

Hello Andre,

The newer versions of the Excel tagset do support superscript. version 1.86 is available on
the web at

Also, I have an even newer version that I can send you directly if you send me an email directly at

It is a more recent version that has just not made it onto the web page yet.

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