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Excelxp Tagest for German/special characters.

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Excelxp Tagest for German/special characters.


I have an Excel spreadsheet being generated through ExcelXP running on Z/os Mainframes. My input data has the some German special characters in it like umlaut.

One the job is done and i FTP the file to my local Machine.(PC) i can see the umlaut in the generated XML code as below ..

However when we open the file in Excel it shows up as NRNBERGER and doesn't show the umlaut. I'm wondering if there is an option in SAS to tell it what code page to write the file in.

Any Thoughts and suggestions..

Kanth --JD
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Re: Excelxp Tagest for German/special characters.

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You will want to explore NLS support with SAS system. Using the SAS support website SEARCH option, I found the technical document below - there are others, likely, more current for you to reference and consider.

Scott Barry
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Ensuring Compatibility of Encoding across Different
Versions of SAS
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