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ExcelXp Tagset sheet_name removes '/'

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ExcelXp Tagset sheet_name removes '/'

I'm using SAS 9.2


When using the ExcelXp tagset, when I place a '/' in the SHEET_NAME, it is replaced by a space in the XML file.  Is there a way to avoid this?


Sample code:


ods tagsets.ExcelXP path="C:\" file="my report.xml" style=Journal;

ods tagsets.ExcelXP options(sheet_name="Mostly 3/4 or Better" sheet_interval='None');

proc report data=sashelp.class headline missing nowd split='^^^';


ods tagsets.ExcelXP close;


Thanks in advance!

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Re: ExcelXp Tagset sheet_name removes '/'

This is a drawback in excel sheet naming convention, which is the reason why you cannot have that special character


There are few rules when naming worksheets.

  1. The name must be unique within a single workbook.
  2. A worksheet name cannot exceed 31 characters.
  3. You can use all alphanumeric characters but not the following special characters:
    \ , / , * , ? , : , [ , ].
  4. You can use spaces, underscores (_) and periods (.) in the name as word separators.
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Re: ExcelXp Tagset sheet_name removes '/'

If you are not on the latest tagset version v1.131, download it from here and check if you still get the same problem:



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