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ExcelXP Tagset & Border problems?

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ExcelXP Tagset & Border problems?

Has anyone had problems (and a solution?) with borders and the Excel XP tagset? I'm using proc report and setting some style options within the proc report procedure. The cell borders in Excel look white instead of black. I have tried setting bordercolor=black and it doesn't change anything. I've tried specifying this in a couple ways:

Within proc report statement:

proc report data=.....

And also with in the define statments:

define varname / style(column)=[bordercolor=black];

Neither does anything to my output.

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Re: ExcelXP Tagset & Border problems?

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Which version of the tagset are you using?

The current version is available here.

The border over rides should work fine the way you have them.

Some of the styles can be problematic, If they specify borderleftcolor, borderrightcolor,
bordertopcolor and borderbottomcolor separately then specifying bordercolor isn't always enough.

Which style are you using?
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Re: ExcelXP Tagset & Border problems?

I am having the same issue but in reverse, I want to set the borders as white rather than black for a few cells using Call Define.

I tried setting all of the following with no joy:

borderleftcolor=white borderrightcolor=white
bordertopcolor=white borderbottomcolor=white bordercolor=white

I've tried this using the white code too.

I'm using the Tagset version SAS 9.1.3, v1.86, 04/15/08

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