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ExcelXP Leading Zeroes

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ExcelXP Leading Zeroes

Elsewhere I have seen that it was suggested to use


to retain leading zeroes in XML. It works fine for 5-or less digits, but when I have a 6-digit number, an extra leading 0 is appearing in Excel:

SAS 234567 --> Excel 0234567

I have also tried style={tagattr="format: @"}; but no leading zeroes are retained in that case.

Any other ideas?
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Re: ExcelXP Leading Zeroes

This works fine for me when I use a format of 00000.

What does excel say the format is for your cells?
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Re: ExcelXP Leading Zeroes

Make sure that you have the downloaded the latest ExcelXP tagset from the ODS Markup page. Using the text format "@" should have worked as well.
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