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ExcelXP Index containing full URL

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ExcelXP Index containing full URL

I have a report that outputs about 60 tabs plus a table of contents page to jump to them.  At my last job, we used SAS 9.2 and Office 2007, and the report worked fine.  Now, with Office 2010 and SAS 9.3, the links only work in the original document.  I've determine this is because the hyperlink contains the full URL, instead of just the sheet name (I don't know if the change is from SAS 9.3 or something inherent to Office 2010, but I find it irritating, either way).  I need to be able to send this report to other individuals, so I need the hyperlink to work no matter where the file is stored. 

I came across this post - - which seems to be discussing my exact problem, but when I try to follow the links, I'm told I don't have permission to view the page. 

Can anybody help?

Here's the code I'm currently using.  Note: Community1 - Community60 references a list of the 60 communities that are covered in the report - the source of my 60 tabs.

%macro run_tagset;

ods listing close;

ods tagsets.ExcelXP file="C:\Users\[blah blah blah]\Community_Report_&sysdate..xml" style=statistical;

%do i=1 %to &tabs.;

          ods tagsets.ExcelXP options(sheet_name="&&Community&i." index='on');

          proc print data=All_Stats noobs;

          where Community_Name = "&&Community&i.";



ods tagsets.ExcelXP close;

ods listing;

%mend run_tagset;



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Re: ExcelXP Index containing full URL

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  I think the message that the post pointed to got moved or something. When I searched for the topic, I found this link, which has code:

  But I'm not sure about the full URL versus getting only the sheet name. You may need to work with Tech Support on that part of the question.


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Re: ExcelXP Index containing full URL

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I have the exactly same issue when I use the SAS 9.4. Did you find a way to solve this problem?

Thank you very much!

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