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Excel with merged columns to SAS dataset

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Excel with merged columns to SAS dataset

Hi Experts,

Requirement is that the excel report to be converted into a SAS dataset and then be replicate the report thru WRS then view it in IDP.

I tried to convert the worksheet into a dataset and as expected, it ain't an easy job because of the merged columns.

Hoping for your suggestions on how to convert this report template into a sas dataset correctly.



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Excel with merged columns to SAS dataset

If this is just a one time conversion of the worksheet, then I would manually edit the spreadsheet to simplify the column structure.

If this an ongoing process, how about going back to the author to provide the source data in a simpler form?

The difficulty with layouts like this is you might get it working on this version, then next time the author decides to move stuff around and you have to change your program all over again.

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Excel with merged columns to SAS dataset

That is not easy. My suggestion is saving XLS file into CSV file, then use data step to get right datasets.


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