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Excel filter bug

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Excel filter bug

Hi All,


Just lost a few hair follicles to what I think is an Excel bug, wanted to share and solicit any thoughts.   I think this is an Excel bug, not a SAS bug.


I used tagsets.excelxp to produce a report that had autofilter turn on for the first two columns, e.g.:

ods tagsets.excelxp file='d:\junk\filters.xls' 
proc print data=sashelp.class;
ods tagsets.excelxp close;


When I open that file in Excel 2010, if I click one of the two filter buttons to sort the data, it sorts columns 1-2, but does not sort columns 3-6.  So it breaks all the rows. It does not give me the warning prompt "Do you want to expand the selection".  Even if I select the whole sheet, it stil doesn't sort correctly.


Amusingly (?) this only seems to happen when there are multiple autofilter columns but not all columns autofiltered.  If there is one autofilter column, I get the warning prompt and it will then sort correctly if I choose expand.  If ALL columns are autofilter, it sorts correctly. 


I was able to replicate the problem just typing data into Excel, without involving SAS/tagsets.excelxp.  Anyone else care to test more recent versions of Excel and see if the problem exists?

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Re: Excel filter bug

I try to use any sorts in Excel as little as I can get away with as only sorting some columns has been around since the first time used Excel, sometime around 1993.

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Re: Excel filter bug

I think this is really something that you should work on with Tech Support. They can test your issue and come up with a change if one is needed.

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