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Excel cell border

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Excel cell border

I have programmed an excel sheet using ODS excelxp that has accross groupings. Everything works well, but I would like to put a dark border on one column per group to separate the fiscal year groupings.

I can change the background color of this column, but I cannot find the correct keywords to control the border. I can change the thickness of all the borders, but I would like to set just the right border to black.

The column definition is like :
DEFINE lift / SUM FORMAT=5.2 ... style(column)={background=#B6DDE8};
This sets the color just fine, but I cannot find the key words for the border. If anyone knows where the allowable keywords for styles, that would help as well.

Or am I stuck with having to define a style before hand and just reference it?
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Re: Excel cell border

Okay, I found the answer by reading the tagset source code.
FYI style(column) {borderrightcolor=#xxxxxx borderrightwidth=3 borderbottomcolor=#CCCCCC borderbottomwidth=1}

gave me the vertical line.
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