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Excel Addin to respect the defined style adjustments

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Excel Addin to respect the defined style adjustments


The small example below:


proc format;
value $sexfmt

proc report data=sashelp.class nowd ;
column sex name age;
define sex / group style(column)={background=$sexfmt.} ;
define name / display ;
define age / display format=4.1;
run ;


works very well in SAS. 

When it is stored in an STP and called from ExcellAddin the style adjustments disappear. 

How to get Excell addin to respect these adjustments ?




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Re: Excel Addin to respect the defined style adjustments

Generally, the SAS Style is not used by the SAS Add-in for Microsoft Office by default. There are several factors that will determine the answer to your question.

Under the SAS Options, how are the Stored Process results defined -- do they use the default result format of SASReport? If so, then the style might not be used by the SASReport destination, which tends to return the stored process results very plainly without any style.

I believe that if you look at the results options, you can ask for the stored process results to be returned in HTML format, which may have a better chance of using your style and style overrides.

I can't remember whether there is a box to select the default style that the stored process uses.

Another factor is how the stored process developer wrote the stored process. It is possible for them to put overrides into the stored process that control the type of result format and the style.

So without knowing whether the stored process author is controlling the stored process results or whether the Add-in Options are controlling the results, it is hard to provide other suggestions.

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