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Enterprise Guide

Can Anyone suggest how to get a scrolling HTML output on Enterprise guide?
I am using 4.0 version on SAS Enterprise guide.
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Re: Enterprise Guide

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There is an HTML tagset called HTMLSCROLL that you might want to investigate. It is described here:

First, you would have to download the tagset code and then you would have run the tagset code and have the HTMLSCROLL tagset put in the right template store for your version of EG. (You also need to be running SAS 9.1 for this to work.)

Since you are using EG, you might need somebody's help to find out the proper template store in which to put the tagset. Also, depending on how comfortable you are with submitting SAS code, you will either have to submit code for your output or you will have to modify the EG options to have the appropriate ODS statements automatically submitted before and after your steps.

It is fairly simple to invoke the HTMLSCROLL tagset after you do the above steps. The site above has several examples, but a simple one is (remember you have to download the tagset and create the tagset in a template store before this will work):

ods tagsets.htmlscroll file='scroll.html';
proc print data=sashelp.class;
ods tagsets.htmlscroll close;

Good luck!
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