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Editable plot in powerpoint

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Editable plot in powerpoint


Is there any way to create editable plot into power point using ODS ? I understand ODS can create plot directly into ppt but how can you make it editable ?

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Re: Editable plot in powerpoint

What version of SAS do you have? Assuming 9.4 since you mentioned ODS PPTX. 


See this thread linked below on how to accomplish this, you need to modify your settings so it's not quite as straightforward as it should be and then create EMF formatted graphs.
The other option is the SAS Graphics Designer, it's quite powerful.


You can also really, really customize your graphics in SAS. What type of modifications do you want to make afterwards, perhaps you can customize the graph using code first? You can modify the markers, lines, line thickness and everything within SGPLOT as well as make it into an animated GIF if you wanted the whole animated/dynamic graphics. Those you can just drop straight into PPTX. 


How to get EMF graphics:


How to modify SAS 9.4 to make editable graphs


Good Luck!

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