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Drill Down in PDF

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Drill Down in PDF

Dear all,

I'd like to have a drill down from a SAS PDF Output to another SAS PDF Output. The problem is that I have too many parameters to write them all in the url (the url gets too long). So the style an url attribute won't do that for me in the proc report:


I solved the problem in HTML by using method=post and hidden fields where I write down the parameter's value for which to drill down.

put '
put "";

The value is altered by a javascript when the user clicks on the report.

I doubt that this works with PDF.

Can anybody help?

Best regards,
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Re: Drill Down in PDF

You may want to work with Tech Support on this question. As far as I know, the only way to use URL= with PDF is to 1) link to an entirely separate PDF document or HTML page 2) link to an internal pointer in the same document.

When you use <FORM> tags in HTML, you are generally executing a program (or a script) which accepts the hidden parameter values as part of the HTTP stream and then the web server performs the form action.

I did not think that you could invoke an HTML <FORM> from within a PDF document in order to make the equivalent of a form action happen. So, this is why I think you have a question for Tech Support.

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