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Dataset Creating but not opening

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Dataset Creating but not opening


I am running the all programmes through  batch file mode  in windows..

After running tha batch file i am getting the output datasets and those dataset were opening in SAS viewer.

But i am trying to open that datasets in SAS 9.2,it saying unable to open the dataset and showing Some error in log window..

Please suggest Me..



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Dataset Creating but not opening

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  Is this an ODS and Reporting question? How are you creating your SAS datasets? With ODS?

  Which viewer do you have ( and when you say that you are trying to open "datasets in SAS 9.2" do you mean that you created the datasets with SAS 9.2 and you are trying to use the SAS Universal Viewer to view those 9.2 datasets.

  You mention "some error in log window" -- what log window? -- the SAS .log file that's created when you run your batch job? Or are you using an interactive session of SAS and you have a separate tab for a log window or you have Enterprise Guide and you have a log window in EG. If you have a log window, you should also have the means to view the table inside either SAS or EG.

  If you are creating the dataset with SAS in batch mode and then using the SAS Universal Viewer to open the file, perhaps these Tech Support notes are relevant: and

  At this point, you may want to open a track with Tech Support and provide them the exact text of the error message in the SAS log so they can provide you the most thorough help.


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