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Database Basics. Please help

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Database Basics. Please help


Currently, Company runs MS Sharepoint, MS SQL Server, MS SSReporting Services 2008, etc. of which I am already familiar. However, I haven't used SAS before and would like to experiment it at home.

Instead of dumping a series of questions right now, I'll post a couple of questions at most and we'll see where this takes me.

So, the Company has a huge database that I utilize everyday. 1. How does one connect to the Company's database from SAS?

I look foward to your help and guidance. Many thanks in advance.


ps. Running SAS 9.0 at home.
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Re: Database Basics. Please help

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Look at using SAS/ACCESS. Suggest searching the SAS support website for SAS-hosted documentation and also supplemental technical reference / conference material.

Scott Barry
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Suggested Google advanced search argument, this topic / post:

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