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Data set manipulations

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Data set manipulations

My question is probably very naive as I am a newbie:

Say I have a data set with one variable and 10 observations - call this variable a "base". I want to create a new variable based on the existing data set call this variable "new". Observations in "new" should be calculated from "base" - say "new" = "base" (observation i+1) * "base" (observation i).

Another question is how to create a new variable that will include all the observations from the base starting with observation i from "base" ?
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Re: Data set manipulations

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Found the answer in different Forum/Category

here is the link to Cynthia@SAS post:
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Re: Data set manipulations

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Hi rossu12,

I have put some code below which should answer your query. If anything is not clear let me know.

All the best.


* Example dataset based on the information you gave;

DATA original;

  DO base= 1 TO 10;




* Create new variable 'new' based on variable 'base', _N_ is the automatic macro variable which hold the value of observation number that is being processed from

  input dataset (original), It can be used to count observation number as well;

DATA newds;

  SET original;

  new = (base*(_N_+1)) *  (base*(_N_));


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