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DM colors

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DM colors


I wasn't sure where to post this question. We are running V9.2 on a UNIX machine, and I can not seem to control the colors being used in Display Manager . I had tried to set them in my autoexec, but that does not seem to work.
Could someone tell me the proper way to set your Display Manager colors for text, background, etc ?
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Re: DM colors

You may have a SAS supplied macro named dm608clr in the core\sasmacro folder (I haven't used UNIX so I'm not sure of this). This macro will set the DM colors to the defaults in 6.08 but the code is easily modified.
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Re: DM colors

hope you have a working solution to this, but otherwise try statements like

dm log 'color back gray' log ;

The online doc for the DM statement should help, too.

Remember to save the settings with
dm 'wsave all' ;

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