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DB2UTIL proc , table name too long

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DB2UTIL proc , table name too long

I am trying to delete records from a db2 table using proc DB2UTIL as shown below on os/390. As table name is too long I am getting following error

data indate;
deldate = '30NOV08' ;

options db2ssid=dbXX ;
proc db2util
data = indate
table = aaaaaaa.mmmmm_eee_xxxx_yyyy
function=delete update;
where calendar_dt = %deldate;
sqlout = sqlfile;

As existing table name is too long, I am getting the following error.
DSNT408I SQLCODE = -204, ERROR: aaaaaaa.mmmmm_eee_xxxx_yy . If you observe the last two bytes are truncated. The table has 5million rows, so I am not able to create view also. Can anyone suggest how to handle this?
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Re: DB2UTIL proc , table name too long

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The ODS forum mostly focusses on PROC PRINT, PROC REPORT, PROC TABULATE for Base SAS reporting, with ODS. If a DATA step program were used for producing reports with Base SAS, that question might fit here, also.

However, the DATA step and PROC DB2UTIL do not fit in this category -- especially since you are performing file maintenance and not reporting, per se. You might be better off posting your question in the SAS Procedure or the Data Step and Macro forum. If you have persistent or urgent problems with your DB2UTIL program, you might wish to open a track with Tech Support for more help.

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