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Customizing font and color on tagsets.excelxp index page

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Customizing font and color on tagsets.excelxp index page


I'm looking for some documentation on how to customize the font, color, and other attributes of the index page when using tagsets.excelxp and index='yes'.

Currently, this is the output generated...

ods output.PNG

...and below is what I am trying to achieve.  I want to emphasize to the user that the index is a set of clickable links.

ods desired.PNG

Any insight would be appreciated in this matter.



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Re: Customizing font and color on tagsets.excelxp index page

It is in your style somewhere.  When you start ods do:

ods tagsets.excelxp file="abc.xls" style=statistical options(index="yes");


Now your style will define the fonts/sizes etc.  Here is an example from SasWeb (which has these links in blue and Helvetica:

      style fonts /                                                          

         'TitleFont2' = ("<sans-serif>, Helvetica, sans-serif",2,bold italic)

         'TitleFont' = ("<sans-serif>, Helvetica, sans-serif",4,bold)        

         'StrongFont' = ("<sans-serif>, Helvetica, sans-serif",2,bold)       

         'EmphasisFont' = ("<sans-serif>, Helvetica, sans-serif",2,italic)   

         'FixedEmphasisFont' = ("<monospace>, Courier, monospace",2,italic)  

         'FixedStrongFont' = ("<monospace>, Courier, monospace",2,bold)      

         'FixedHeadingFont' = ("<monospace>, Courier, monospace",2)          

         'BatchFixedFont' = ("SAS Monospace, <monospace>, Courier, monospace",


         'FixedFont' = ("<monospace>, Courier, monospace",2)                 

         'headingEmphasisFont' = ("<sans-serif>, Helvetica, sans-serif",2,bold


         'headingFont' = ("<sans-serif>, Helvetica, sans-serif",2,bold)      

         'docFont' = ("<sans-serif>, Helvetica, sans-serif",2);

You would need to change one of these to be your font (I don't know off hand which one, but any of the above with Helvetica.  To change color, then replace the colors section in your template.

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Re: Customizing font and color on tagsets.excelxp index page

Ok.  I figured it would come down to manipulating styles and templates, but was hoping there was something simpler to modify only the index page and not the rest of the output.  Thank you for the assistance.

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