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Customizing bookmarks in PDF while using ODS PDF destination

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Customizing bookmarks in PDF while using ODS PDF destination

Hi All,

1. I need to create bookmarks in PDF based on by variables in the PROC REPORT while using ODS PDF. But I don't require by variables listed in the pdf output file.So I used NOBYLINE system option.Then I am getting bookmarks as ByGroup1,ByGroup2,...etc (string "BygroupN).
So please let me know if there are any options for removing by variables from the output and also for adding them in the bookmarks.

2. I need to nest the bookmarks in the ods pdf destination. By default it will not nest the 2nd by variable within the 1st by variable ,instead nesting is done to the by only at a single level as a 2-tuple.

Thanks in Advance
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Re: Customizing bookmarks in PDF while using ODS PDF destination

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You can go a long way toward customizing the TOC with ODS PROCLABEL and the CONTENTS= option that is available for PROC REPORT, PROC PRINT, PROC TABULATE. Especially if you wrap the code in a macro to simulate BY group processing, you can sometimes customize the TOC for every group with a customized CONTENTS=. However, even with CONTENTS=' ', you will see an icon in the bookmark list for your bygroup's output object.

So, if you want MORE control over the TOC used for PDF, HTML and RTF, your next choice is to investigate ODS DOCUMENT/PROC DOCUMENT.

If you review these previous forum postings⛾ൟ➆

you'll see some examples of ODS DOCUMENT which will allow you extensive control over folders/TOC links that get generated for you. Even though one of the examples illustrates the use of ODS DOCUMENT being replayed to ODS RTF, the same program can also work with ODS PDF or ODS HTML. The important thing is to learn about how to use an ODS DOCUMENT store first.

The web site about ODS Document is here:

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