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Customized word document report

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Customized word document report


One of my customer wants an customized document to be created of the following format

Dear Mr. XYZ (Customer Name)

1) This is one of the first line.
2) This is one of the second line.

I tried using an ODS Rtf and within it using ODS Text and the necessary PROC,

I need guideness in figuring two things

1) Formatting of the text appearing in the Body of the report
2) how to insert dynamic value

Any help would be highly appreciated.

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Re: Customized word document report

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Share your code, please -- it will help you get the most effective replies. Also, provide info about your SAS environment, version, OS, local or remote SAS execution.

Also, you will find supplemental technical and conference reference documents at the SAS support website - either using the website SEARCH facility or consider the Google advanced search argument below:

ods rtf document formatting

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Re: Customized word document report

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One possibility is to use SAS and Word together. Design your mail-merge document in Word -- with the constant text and mail-merge fields for the changing information and then use SAS to create the mail-merge data. The technique is described in general, in regard to labels in this paper:

If you are happy with the ODS TEXT method for the "body" of the document-- then there are two methods for applying style characteristics to the text that you write with ODS TEXT --
1) use ODS ESCAPECHAR techniques or
2) change the USERTEXT style element in a style template

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