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Creating formats

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Creating formats


I want to create a format for a computed field which will be user defined format so that i can use it directly through Any SAS Application like Infomap or EG.
I have done all the settings required to be done in SAS config file.

I just want to create a format which will be generic so that i can use in to display all reports.

For example;
proc format library=xyz;
value mtest .='0.00' other=[comma16.2];

I want this format to be generic so that i can use it anywhere.
for example:
If i want comma13.2 then I dont want to create other formats.
The above format i wnat since if my report has null values then i want to display 0.00 right aligned.
So any solution for this.
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Re: Creating formats

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This is really not the right forum to post questions about formats, especially since your question involves configuration issues for use with SAS Information Maps and EG and this implies that your formats are used in the SAS Enterprise Intelligence Platform and also involves BI Platform Administration configuration and possibly start up scripts or start up commands.

I do not understand what you mean, exactly, when you say "I want this format to be generic so that i can use it anywhere." That could mean a lot of setup if "anywhere" involves INSIDE and OUTSIDE the BI Platform. You seem to understand the general syntax of using the LIBRARY= option with PROC FORMAT -- but there may be more needed in the BI platform. This SUGI paper on using formats (in general) has some good examples on format nesting -- which is what you seem to be trying to accomplish:

Your best bet for help with this question, in my opinion, is to contact SAS Tech Support:

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Re: Creating formats

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Hi Sunil,

you can create your own formats in one format file and save this format with all your customized formats into the following path of your meta data path:


make sure that this format file has the name "formats.sas7bcat". then just restart your SAS services. by this way you can use your customized format from any of SAS products (EG, InfoMap, DI...).

wishing you goodluck
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