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Creating fillable boxes in ODS PDF

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Creating fillable boxes in ODS PDF

I couldn't find anything during a search, but how do you create a fillable box in a pdf document?

For example, I am using a PROC PRINT to list various courses taught and would like to provide a separate column as a fillable box that would allow any corrections to be typed in for each entry.

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Re: Creating fillable boxes in ODS PDF

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I believe you have to look at the PDF-specific system options in order to create a PDF form, like the PDFFILLIN option:

The doc explains that there is an interaction between the PDFSECURITY option and this option. But, I don't think just using the options is going to work for you. Part of having forms in a PDF file is that you have to use Adobe to define the form fields.

I can create a file using the above options, however, when I open the file with Adobe Acrobat, there are no form fields defined. (I can choose Forms --> Add or Edit Fields, but, I get a message that says:
"Currently there are no form fields in this PDF. Do you want Acrobat to detect form fields for you.")

So, I do not know whether there is a way to tell Adobe --from the SAS end -- which columns in the output represent form fields. You might want to check with Tech Support if this is part of your question.

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