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Copy Formats to new Library

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Copy Formats to new Library

Hi All:

I can't seem to find this in the doc anywhere:

I have a format that I have saved in a library on the mainframe that I need to copy to the server. How do I do this (other than the Connect stuff, which is not a problem)?

I don't want to copy the entire library or the format catalog, just the format that I need.

Much thanks.
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Re: Copy Formats to new Library

proc format cntlout = work.something library= zos_fromat_lib ;
select any required $format and_or informat ;
run ;
signon yoursrv ;
rsubmit ;
proc upload data= work.something ;
proc format library=server_fmt_library cntlin= work.something ;
run ;
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Re: Copy Formats to new Library

If you don't use SAS/CONNECT there are 2 options:

1) Copy the source code that produced the format and run it on the target computer.

2) Convert the SAS format into a SAS transport file using the CPORT procedure, do a BINARY transfer of the file to your target computer, then read in the transport file using the CIMPORT procedure. Refer to SAS documentation for more details.
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Re: Copy Formats to new Library

Suggested Google advanced search argument, this topic/post:

proc cport transfer catalog format operating system

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Re: Copy Formats to new Library

Thanks all.

I used a technique much like Peter.C suggested except that the source library was allocated on the mainframe as a remote table using the CONNECT Spawner (thank goodness that was available). I allocated the target as the server library and - ta-da!

Also - the source library had only the formats that I needed for this application, not the entire production format library. I was thinking that I needed to select only a few formats from a library that contains hundreds.

And - unfortunately, the source code is long gone...
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