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Convert Microsoft Color into SAS

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Convert Microsoft Color into SAS



I'm wondering if there is an easy way to convert a color I see in - say Word - into SAS - so when I create an RTF document, the color is the same or close to it.  For example, I've been requested to mirror a document that's already created.  When I hover over one of the cells in this pre-existing document - the fill color appears to be aqua - Accent 5 - Lighter 80%.  When I go into SAS and indicate the color to be aqua - it's like Carolina Panther aqua, and I'm not sure how to tweak it to be a closer shade.  This is my code...


proc template;

define style styles.newrtf;


replace color_list /

'bgH'= aqua;







ods escapechar="#";

ods rtf body="&DIR.\DOC\JH Q&QTR._20&EFFYR. Automated Non Medical Agenda.rtf" style=newrtf;





ods rtf close;




Any direction is appreciated!



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Re: Convert Microsoft Color into SAS

You need to get the RGB numbers from the cell:


Then you can take these numbers and convert it to a hex value:


Then use this hex value in your template.  Is it really worth it though, I mean blue is blue, if its a fraction of a shade less or more makes no odds.  Its sounds like making work for the sake of it.

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Re: Convert Microsoft Color into SAS

Welp - the converter thing didn't really work for me (result looked white to me) but I did notice at the bottom of the last link you referenced a bunch of color examples at the bottom of the page.  I just used one of those.  Thanks!

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Re: Convert Microsoft Color into SAS

I once used a utility that would tell you the RGB value of pixels in pictures. Used it on screenshots taken with IrfanView to find the exact value of our CD-compliant web background.

Google might find it or a similar one.

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Re: Convert Microsoft Color into SAS

When I need to identify a color I usually use the paint program that comes with Windows. I copy and paste the picture or document into paint and then use the dropper icon to add the color to paint's palate. In the palate, the three color settings are there for the desired color.


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