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Confusing Lack of an Error

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Confusing Lack of an Error

I'm a slightly confused beg/int SAS programmer: I ran the code below--as you can see, it's missing a semicolon after the 'do'. However, I got no error message in my log, the code ran perfectly, and the output is exactly the same as when I ran the program with the semicolon interted. Can anyone enlighten me as to why my mistake didn't hose everything up?

else if first_sell < first_buy then do
type = 'seller';
first_date = first_sell_date;
first_class = trim(left(year(first_sell_date)))||'/'||trim(left(month(first_sell_date)));
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Re: Confusing Lack of an Error

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This question is perhaps best answered by Technical Support. You can submit it online at .

-- David Kelley, SAS
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