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Changing graph sizes and fonts

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Changing graph sizes and fonts

I am creating plots using PROC GPLOT. I am using a GOPTIONS RESET=ALL prior to my ODS RTF call (as suggested elsewhere in a few places [and have tried it both with and without]).

I want to be able to specify the size of my graph in my RTF, but am having no success.
I have tried using a style containing:

style Graph from Graph /
outputheight = 10cm
outputwidth = 15cm;

With verious permutations on sizes and units - however the graph in the RTF is not affected.
Furthermore, the fonts used in the graph are ALWAYS courier - can someone please help me?
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Re: Changing graph sizes and fonts

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This is a question perhaps best answered by Technical Support. You can submit it here:

-- David Kelley, SAS
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