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Changing cell height in Proc Tabulate

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Changing cell height in Proc Tabulate

Good afternoon,


I am trying to create a report using proc tabulate, but am having difficulty in controlling the format of my report.  I am having particular difficulty in controlling the height of the cells in the report.  My code looks like this:


title2 h=8pt f=arial c=Black "XXXX";

proc tabulate data=HHAGE format= comma5. S=[cellwidth=60 cellheight=5 foreground=black cellwidth=20pt] order=DATA;

class YearQtr HH_Age2;

classlev YearQtr/style=[background=#E3E3E3];

classlev HH_Age2/style=[background=#E3E3E3];

var roll_sum/style=[background=#E3E3E3];

keyword sum/style={background=#E3E3E3};

keylabel sum ='Total'/*style=[background=blue]*/;

table sum='Counts'*f=comma12.*[style=[font_size=6pt font_face=arial background=#E3E3E3]]*HH_Age2=' '*[style=[font_size=6pt font_face=arial]] all=' '*[style=[font_size=6pt font_face=arial background=#E3E3E3]] *f=comma9.

pctsum<HH_Age2>='Percent'*f=4.1*[style=[font_size=6pt font_face=arial background=#E3E3E3]]*HH_Age2=' '*[style=[font_size=6pt font_face=arial]],

YearQtr=' '*roll_sum=' '/BOX=[label=' ' s=[background=#E3E3E3]] rts=5 indent=3 misstext='0';




I have tried multiple ways to control the cell height but with no success, any suggestions would be appreciated.


thank you,



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Re: Changing cell height in Proc Tabulate

Which cells are you trying to control?

Several of the style override features kind of work from the edge of the table towards the middle.

Attempting to set the height for a statistic cell could well conflict with the row header and the row header is likely to be honored.

And which ODS destination are you using?


If you want any tested code it helps to provide data in the form of a SAS data step.

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Re: Changing cell height in Proc Tabulate

I apologize for the slow response, I am using ods destination of pdf, and I am trying to control the cells of the statistics or the body of the chart.  Thank you for any assistance.



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