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Changing GraphLabelText in scatter Plot, Proc Corr

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Changing GraphLabelText in scatter Plot, Proc Corr

I need help with changing GraphLabelText in Scatter Plot, using proc template, so instead the name statediff vertically should be Difference in State Score, horizontally instead of traitdiff need to be Difference in Trait Score and GraphTitletext instead Scatter Plot to Difference in Scores.
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Re: Changing GraphLabelText in scatter Plot, Proc Corr

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First, you CAN change the graph template that's used for your statistical graph.

These are the steps you need to follow:
1) understand WHAT graph template is used for your procedure and graph of interest (use ODS TRACE ON/OFF to determine WHAT graph template is being used for your procedure of interest.
2) investigate HOW your graph template of interest is creating its graph area and titles and legends
3) make a copy of of your graph template or otherwise use graph template language syntax to create a changed template
4) possibly change the STYLE template that you're using if you want to change some of the style attributes used in the production of your output (this step can be optional) -- however, your graph template may use style attributes from the style template -- so you may still have to look at the style template before you're all done.

You can find some information about Graph Templates, in these papers:

Otherwise, Tech Support might be your best bet for help with this request. The code involved could be lengthy and several iterations of the program might be required to achieve everything you want. For information on how to contact Tech Support, refer to:

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