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Breaking rtf format report on SAS 9.3

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Breaking rtf format report on SAS 9.3

Hi  all,

I am trying to report ‘page 2 of 2’  and associated header information on page 2 (please see below) in rtf format using  ‘proc report’ and ‘ by’ statement .

I am executing this code using SAS 9.3( on XP_PRO platform).

Would you please suggest something to fix this?


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Re: Breaking rtf format report on SAS 9.3


  Although it is useful to see the output, it would be more useful to see the code that you are using to insert page numbers into the output.

  For example, are you using RTF control strings? Are you using ODS ESCAPECHAR?

  Next, what version of Word are you using. It is unusual to have the page number in the Header area and the Footer area of the page, as your output shows. I am curious about how or why that is being done? Are you, by any chance, trying to insert your own page breaks that is one possibility for page numbers not working correctly.

  Or, the version of Word could be at fault. Sometimes, I know that I can get incorrect page numbers until I repaginate the Word document to 'straighten' up the page numbers.

  At any rate, if you are unable to share your program, this is a good question to ask of Tech Support. They can look at ALL your code and the technique you're using and the RTF destination that you're using (ODS RTF or ODS TAGSETS.RTF) and they can help you find a resolution.


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