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Borders around footer but not titles

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Borders around footer but not titles

I'm outputting to RTF using ODS (in SAS 9.1.3).
In PROC TEMPLATE, I can add borders to both headers AND footers by modifying "SysTitleAndFooterContainer from Container".

However, how do I place a border on the FOOTER ONLY?

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Re: Borders around footer but not titles

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I believe the code is acting poorly.

It considers all the titles as rows in a single table and all the footnotes as rows in a single table. The Rules and Frame apply to the whole table and not separate rows. The table attributes are being applied with the generic titles and footers style while the separate rows use the specific styles associated with them.

You may want to contact SAS Technical Support at :
or on the web at :

If you only have one title, you could get some relief with the following code.

proc template;
define style test;
Style SYSTitleAndFOOTERContainer from SYSTitleAndFOOTERContainer /
rules=rows BorderWidth=5pt bordercolor=red borderstyle=double

ods rtf file="test.rtf" style=test ;

Title "Test Title" ;
Footnote1 " " ;
Footnote2 "Test Footnote" ;
Footnote3 " " ;

proc print data=sashelp.class (obs=1) ; run;

ods _all_ close ;
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