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An ERROR creating own tagset

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An ERROR creating own tagset

Dear SAS support,

I’d like to create my own tagset, using PROC REPORT procedure in my own storage location.
The storage location is a SAS library that SAS session access using META libname engine :

libname tags meta library = custTags repname =Foundation metaout=data;

ods path (prepend) tags.templat (update);

proc template;
define tagset tagsets.myTag / store = tags.templat;




when I run this code, I get errors in a SAS log file:

NOTE: Libref TAGS was successfully assigned as follows:
Engine: META
Physical Name:

12 proc template;
13 define tagset tagsets.myTag / store = tags.templat;
24 end;

ERROR: Requested function is not supported.
ERROR: Template 'Tagsets.Ba' was unable to write to template store!

26 run;

when I use BASE libname engine to access TAGS SAS library, then everything works well.

Could you please help me to find out how to solve this problem?

Thanks in advance,
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Re: An ERROR creating own tagset

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You can't use the META libname engine to access a template library. Template libraries are accessible only via the default engine.
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