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Aligning/Justifying Proc Report output in ODS PDF

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Aligning/Justifying Proc Report output in ODS PDF

First, thanks to anyone and everyone for their help....

Here is the issue:

I created a 50 page PDF report and decided to add some break pages between sections of analysis. The break pages contained no output... just ODS PDF TEXT... including a graphic that i left justified on the first page.

Prior to adding the break pages, all of my graphs and tables were centered in the middle of the page.

Now, after adding my title page, contents page, and chapter title pages, all of my PROC REPORT tables are LEFT justified.

How do I force these tables to be centered? My PROC GPLOT output is still in the center of the page so I cant understand why my PROC REPORT tables wouldn't be.

I'm using ODS LAYOUT and REGION statements...


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Re: Aligning/Justifying Proc Report output in ODS PDF

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You might try explicitly centering PROC REPORT by using the CENTER option on the PROC REPORT statement itself:
ods pdf file='c:\temp\testctr.pdf';

proc report data=sashelp.class nowd center;

ods pdf close;

But what I don't know is what happens to the output once you add ODS LAYOUT and ODS REGION into the mix.

If the above suggestion doesn't work, then your best bet for help may be to contact Tech Support.

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