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Adding image into ods pdf/proc tabulate

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Adding image into ods pdf/proc tabulate

Hi there,


Pardon me, but I'm fairly new to SAS. I've successfully written code to produce a table from proc tabulate and print it to PDF. My question is how am I then able to add in an image to said PDF file? The image is my company's logo and I would like to add it to the top of the PDF before the data tables.


The code goes something like this:


ods pdf file = "my extension";


proc tabulate data =myfile missing;



--- data code----




ods pdf close;


For the time being, I am able to export the report generated as a step in the process flow and from there amend the report to embed the image as required. Is there a way I can do this in code instead of a step in EG? Also since I've created the report as a step is there a way that I can view the step as code as I am able to do other steps?





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Re: Adding image into ods pdf/proc tabulate

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You will want to look at preimage.  Cynthia provides a very nicely explained post on the subject here:


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